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  • Our Online International Internship Programs start every day
  • Schedule an interview by phone or skype so we can learn about your career goals
  • Evaluation of your interview, CV and application form
  • Once your interview and application are complete, we will determine if can accept you
  • In guaranteeing you the career field of your choice, we request that you select 2 professional sectors
  • We will attempt to get you a placement in your first choice and move to the second only after all options have been exhaustet
  • Once we accept your application we will guarantee a virtual internship within your career field
  • Confirm your place in the program by making a deposit of 50% no later than 8 weeks before the starting date
  • Get matched with your host company. The official offer letter will confirm your program details.
  • Next step is to enroll the program by paying the full tuition
  • You’ll begin your internship on your confirmed starting date

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